Goa: The most Romantic Place in India

Goa is India’s fourth smallest by population and smallest state of India by area. It is located  in the region known as the Konkan on the west coast of India and bounded by  Karnataka to the east and south and by the state of Maharashtra to the north, while the Arabian Sea forms its western coast.

Goa conjures up the image of sun-kissed, an idyllic and palm-shaded land that is  caressed by the charging waves of the Arabian Sea. It is also the amazing place that has some of the finest beaches, churches and tourist spots in the world.

In 1987, Goa became a state whose capital is Panaji. The chief products are rice, cashew nuts and coconuts. There is a growing manufacturing sector and tourism which is also important to the economy. The languages spoken there are Marathi, English, Portuguese and Konkani, a dialect. About 35% of the region’s population these is Roman Catholic , while the rest are mostly Hindu.

Old Goa (the real capital), was a prosperous port city in the late 16th cent. Churches, a cathedral and various palaces survive from this period. The most notable structure is the Church of Bom Jesus, with its tomb of St. Francis Xavier, who did missionary work in the region (1542-52). Panjim was built In 1842 to replace Old Goa as capital.

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