The Indian Tourism Industry is by far the most profitable industry

The Indian Tourism Industry is experiencing a rapid growth since India is becoming one of the major global destinations for tourists from all over the world. According to the World Travel and Tourism Council, India will be one of the hottest tourist spots from 2009-2018. Every year India witnesses almost 5 million foreign tourist arrivals [...]

Prospects of Medical Tourism Industry in India

A decade ago, people suffering from medical problems used to travel to U.S.A. to get best-in-class treatment. But, over the years, the spiraling costs of healthcare in U.S.A. have made people look for newer havens for medical tourism, and India has emerged as the frontrunner in this field. It is estimated that an operation costs [...]

Howrah Bridge : The most popular bridge in India

The Howrah Bridge is one of the four bridge that spans the Hooghly River and is a famous symbol of Kolkata, West Bengal, India. It was originally named the New Howrah Bridge as it links the city of Howrah to its twin city, Kolkata. It was renamed Rabindra Setu, on 14 June 1965, after Rabindranath [...]

Why Kerala is known for Ayurveda treatments?

Most of the Ayurvedic oil massage therapies come from Kerala, the Ayurvedic area of India. It has modulated many techniques to suit the needs of yours and to cure diseases. They include synchronized massage therapies as well as fomentation. Abhyngam, Navarakkizhi, Pizhichil, Shirodhara, Pichu, Shirovasti are some of the special Ayurveda treatments of Kerala that [...]