Connaught Place: The most striking structures of Delhi

Connaught Place (CP) has a big market that was designed by Designed by Robert Tor Russell in collaboration with WH Nicholls. Despite numerous big malls, Connaught Place continues to be the largest in India.

Connaught Place is the main shopping area in Delhi, India. The popular complex referred to there is an important meeting point for all sections of people and is something which no tourist should miss for its architecture and the humdrum of everyday life.

At Connaught Place, Palika Bazaar is an underground supermarket that offers electronic goods and clothes at affordable prices. There are more than 450 shops and if you want to buy something from here then you should be an expert at bargaining.

‘Chor Bazaar’ or ‘Kabadi Bazaar’ is the Sunday Bazaar on the ramparts of Red Fort. It is actually a flea market, where you can get anything, from antiques to beautiful bottles, secondhand clothes and to carpets. Connaught Place’s Victorian architecture is modeled after the Royal Crescent in Bath, England. The various outlets and inlets to Connaught place are known as redial roads. There are as many as 9 roads to reach Outer circle from many parts of Delhi and close to 12 radials to get out from this place.

The Connaught Place’s shape is based on the horseshoe. The British thought that a market in the shape of a horseshoe would prove lucky for both shopkeepers and shoppers. CP continues to be Delhi’s premier shopping destination as decades have gone by. Rajiv Chowk Metro station is the busiest station of Delhi Metro located under Connaught Place. It is also an interchanging point.

So, moving to the largest market in Delhi, CP has become very easy because of Delhi Metro station.

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