Mughal Garden – Popular garden in New Delhi

MughalgardenMughal garden is the most famous garden in Delhi. It is situated within the official residence of the President of India, Rashtrapati Bhawan. This garden forms a major part of tourist attractions in Delhi.

Mughal garden is designed by Sir Edwin Lutynes for Lady Harding. It covers an area of 13 acres and divided into 3 sections i.e. long, circular and rectangular gardens. With the design of a British Garden, it is a blend of the formal Mughal style. This garden is with Mughal style fountains, canals and terraces and it is adorned beautifully with flowers and hedges. Mughal garden has number of trees and flowers such as marigold, roses, bougainvillea, viscaria, sweet william etc.

Mughal garden has four waterways with crafted fountains that are unique at their intersections which include 3 tiered huge red sandstone discs that resemble lotus leaves. There are many big and small lawns with in the campus such as Pearl garden, circular garden and butterfly garden. The circular garden is beautified with tiered flower beds and massed segmental and if you want to see butterflies then it is the best place.

The Cactus Corner that has been created in the main Mughal Gardens for viewers those who prefer green flowers can troop into the Cactus Corner. There is also an herbal garden apart from big fat cactus plants and also a variety of bonsai plants on display.

You will greet by the sweet smell of roses as you walk through the broad sandstone pathways walking towards the Lutyen’s imposing dome. Jawaharlal Nehru always pinned a rose on his lapel.

The Mughal Garden is open to the public on all days up to March except Mondays as the place is be closed for maintenance. You can visit the place in visiting hours i.e. 10-30 a.m. to 4-30 p.m. The Gardens is remain closed in March during Holi.

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