Ranikhet Destination is known as Queen’s Field

Ranikhet reflects the best of the heavenly Himalayas; their majestic mountain peaks, lush green forests, attractive wild life and exotic plant life. Ranikhet is the the right place to see nature and its elements in full harmony.

This spot had won the heart of a queen of Raja Sudhardev, Rani Padmini, according to a popular belief. Since then, it is known as Ranikhet, literally “Queen’s Field”. Above sea level, at an altitude of 1829mtres, this hill resort is a tourist’s paradise.

The singing of birds, the invigorating mountain breeze, the panoramic view of the Himalayas: the sights, smells and sounds leave the onlooker spellbound. During the rains, branches of tress stoop with ripened fruits, flowers sprout up every where in rainbow colours and sunlight peeping through the clouds and mist, endow an enchanting effect all across Ranikhet. The softly falling snowflakes cover the environs in sheets of pure whiteness as winter comes.

In its own right, the charm of every season is irresistible. This makes Ranikhet an all season destination.


•    Naithna Devi: 34kms. from Bhitiasan, 35kms. from Chaukhatia and 54kms. from Ranikhrt the popular temple of Durga is situated at a 4km. walk from Dola village.

•    Jhoola Devi Ram Mandir: On the way to Chaubatia, 7kms. from Ranikhet known for its temples devoted to the Lord Rama and Goddess Durga.

•    Mankameshwar: This temple is constructed by the Kumaon regiment and attached to the Nar Singh Maidan. Opposite the temple is a Shawl factory and a Gurudwara.

So, Ranikhet is really a amazing place.

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