Travel to Manali, the coolest place even in summers

Manali is one of the tourist hotspots of India, and gained this status in the 1980s when the strife torn Kashmir became a dangerous place for tourists. This hill station is nestled in the Himachal Pradesh atop a height of 6398 ft. and is surrounded by cool green valleys in the summer, which are filled with snow in the winters. Apart from enjoying cool climes, the visitors can take part in various sports here and also visit several places of worship and buy the scrumptious apples that grow here.

Manali is christened upon Sage Manu, and the city’s name literally means Abode of Manu. The Hidimba Devi Temple is a 500 year old Hindu temple that is adorned with exquisite wooden carvings and is dedicated to Hidimba, the local deity who was the wife of Bhim the Pandava. Gauri Shankar Temple is another worshippers’ ground, which was built in the 12th century and surrounded by apple orchards and a water stream. Apart from these, the Manu Maharishi Temple is another famous structure that brings in crowds to Manali. But, the Buddhist Gompas, or monasteries, attract followers of the religion from Ladakh, Kinnaur, Spiti, Lahaul and Tibet in large numbers.

For those on vacations, Manali has several places on offer, ranging from water springs to chilling waterfalls. Vashist Hot Water Springs and Nehru Kund are the main springs located in Manali, while Rohala Waterfalls, Rozy Falls and Zana Falls are the renowned waterfalls situated in the city. Rohtang Pass, an ancient trade route that has the reputation for being dangerous due to unanticipated snowstorms, and Kothi are frequented by visitors from across the world in the summers, though the Pass is closed during the winters. Solang Valley, Old Manali, Naggar and Log Hut Area & Club House draw holidayers to the city in droves throughout the year.

In Manali, adventure sports are quite popular, with biking being a common option for traveling across the cty. Paddle boating, river rafting, skiing, zorbing, trekking, snow scootering, and river crossing, paragliding, rock climbing and trekking are extremely famous among the vacationers who come to Manali to enjoy a pleasurable time. Apart from these, Yoga & Reiki are other exercises that have gained prominence over the years among the travelers. Manali merited a place in Time Magazine’s ‘Best of Asia’ for its Extreme Yak Sports, especially Yak Skiing.

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