What special in Birla Planetarium of Hyderabad

The Birla Planetarium situated in Hyderabad offers a unique taste of entertainment that is blended with a wee bit of learning also. Inaugurated by Late Mr. NT Rama Rao in September, 1985, this dome-shaped Birla Planetarium at Hyderabad conducts sky-shows in two languages, Telegu and English. It is located on a small mound of Naubhad Pahad in the hub of Hyderabad.

The Birla Planetarium in Hyderabad takes you on a thrilling and mesmerizing odyssey into the mysteriously beckoning outer space to unravel the riddles carefully locked up at its  heart. The Birla Planetarium satiates your heart with pure pleasure and also augments your general knowledge about the universe.

The Birla Planetarium of Hyderabad is the most advanced planetariums ever erected on Indian soil. It is upgraded regularly and supplied with the most latest and trendy equipments to keep pace with modern times. For the the study about astronomy, it is also metamorphosing into a center.

The Birla Planetarium conducts shows on many intriguing topics such as Hubble’s Telescope, Eclipses, comets, the bizarre phenomenon of unidentified flying objects, Planets and many more. These shows are indeed a spectacle to watch out for because they are loaded with dazzling visual adeptness coupled with life-like sound effects.

The new addition to the Birla Planetarium is a ‘Dinosaurium’ which was unearthed by the Geological Survey of India. It exhibits tiny fossilized dinosaur eggs, tree as well as shells of marine origin along with the chief attraction, a 160 million years old fossil of ‘Kotasaurus Yamanpalliensis’.

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