Dal Lake – A famous lake in Kashmir

2318539-Srinagar-and-Dal-Lake-1A beautiful Dal Lake is not only famous in Kashmir but also is one of the most famous lakes in India. This lake lies in the city of Srinagar, the summer capital of the state of Jammu and Kashmir. It is connected to many other lakes of the Kashmir valley. It is famous for its 500 Victorian-era wooden houseboats (approximately). During the Raj, it was built as vacation homes for British administrators. This lake covers 18 square kilometers and divided into four basins called Lokut Dal, Gagribal, Nagin and Bod Dal.

You can enjoy the panoramic view of the mountains surrounding Srinagar from this lake and can enjoy taking a ride on traditional Kashmiri boats to explore the intricate maze of waterways of this lake.

The Dal Lake is the flood-lung of the Jhelum. The popular Mughal gardens, hotels and parks are situated around it. On its shores, the glorious Mughal gardens contribute to the beauty of the Dal Lake. The place where a too much variety of vegetables is grown, there floating gardens is found in this lake. Sometimes during the winter season the lake freezes over.

The Dal Lake has some interesting fauna and flora. The flora includes water lilies, lotus flower and water chestnuts. Notable birds are heron and kingfishers. This Lake has become an icon of the Kashmir tourism industry. There are number of fishes in Dal Lake and fishery, centered on the lake is the second largest industry of the region. The sparkling waters of Dal are surrounded by snow-capped mountains on its three sides.

This is also the second largest lake in the State of Jammu and Kashmir with a plenty of orchards and gardens along its shores. Houseboats are always ready to take tourists to a peaceful and romantic ride of the lake. They also offer few exotic views of the splendid scenery of the Dal Lake.

So, I wish I can take a ride atleast once in my life.

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