The Indian Tourism Industry is by far the most profitable industry

The Indian Tourism Industry is experiencing a rapid growth since India is becoming one of the major global destinations for tourists from all over the world. According to the World Travel and Tourism Council, India will be one of the hottest tourist spots from 2009-2018. Every year India witnesses almost 5 million foreign tourist arrivals and almost 562 million domestic tourist visits. Moreover a lot of expectations are there from the 2010 Commonwealth Games that was held in Delhi from October 3rd – October 14th, which will help boost the tourism industry in a huge way.

The tourism ministry has played an important role in the development of Indian Tourism Industry by promoting campaigns on Incredible India. These colorful and meaningful advertisements created a very positive response amongst foreign tourists as they could get a clear picture about what India is all about. The tourism industry has also helped in the growth of other sectors including handicrafts, horticulture, agriculture, construction, etc.

A rise in the tourism sector has also helped to increase employment opportunities and means of livelihood for many families. More than 20 million people are working in the Indian tourism Industry itself. India’s diversified culture and rich traditions, old and mysterious forts and palaces, lip smacking food items, colorful festivals and the captivating scenic beauty of the hills and desserts are just some of the innumerable reasons for attracting travelers from all over the world. In addition to these, the warm and friendly nature and hospitality of the locals is one of the winning points that has helped the tourism industry to grow at such an alarming rate.

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