Incredible Rajasthan – A plethora of rich cultural heritage and magnificent forts!

Travel and Tourism in India, is always a fascinating holiday option.  India has always been the preferred choice for tourists from all around the world due to its rich traditions and culture, enchanting hill stations, amazing palaces and forts, renowned Ayurvedic and Yoga villages, archaeological museums, pilgrim spots etc, that attract innumerable tourists 365 days a  year. Rajasthan is one such interesting destination that has a made a name for itself in world tourism.

Rajasthan has always magnetized spectators with its enchanting landscape, colorful and musical traditions and culture, rustic deserts, fun-filled fairs and festivals and amazing food. Its forts and palaces hold an aura of mystery and adventure that is hard to resist. Equally enjoyable are the camel rides through vast stretches of desert that will linger on in your memories for ever. The courteous and amicable nature of the locals is unmatched that presents a sense of love and belonging. Though each and every city, village and desert of Rajasthan has something unique to offer, the most renowned tourist spots are;

Pushkar – The ancient and famous residence of the Mughals. It is also one of the few places of Rajasthan that was directly under the control of the British Government.

Ajmer- That has the sacred Ajmer Sharif Dargah, an admired and sacred pilgrim spot!

Jaisalmer – A picturesque town right in the heart of Thar Desert. The Jaisalmer fort, Jain temples and golden sand dunes are the key attractions.

Apart from this various other towns such as Jaipur, Jodhpur, Mount Abu, and Udaipur and wildlife sanctuaries such as Ranthambore Park, Keoladeo Bird sanctuary and Sariska Tiger reserve have fascinated tourists for years. A must for all travel enthusiasts; Rajasthan is one state in India that should not be missed!

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