Pushkar Temple: The only Brahma’s Temple in India

The Pushkar Temple is the only temple in India that is dedicated to Lord Brahma. It is located near the Lake at Pushkar in Rajasthan. The Temple receives many pilgrims to its doorsteps every year. According to the Hinduism, it is built in the 14th century and is located on the banks of the Pushkar Lake; Pushkar Temple commemorates Lord Brahma, who is considered as the creator of this Universe.

Brahma Temple, the holy city of Pushkar is also called the city of temples. In Pushkar, there are more than 400 hundred temples but the main attraction being the temple of Lord Brahma, Pushkar Temple.

A silver carved turtle can be seen sitting with its face towards the sanctum sanctorum. The white and black chequered tiles floor around the turtle is full of silver coins donated by the devotees with their birth, name and death anniversary date of their loved ones engraved on it.

The four headed image of Lord Brahma is in a cross legged position with Gayatri on the left and Savitri on his right side.

In the months of October to November, the temple becomes important during the Kartika Purnima. It is the time when the sleepy town of Pushkar comes alive with the joyous Pushkar festival. It is also the time that marks the period during which Brahma performed his Yagna in Pushkar. Many people with deep faith take a holy dip in the water of Pushkar Lake and bow their head before Lord Brahma, the Jagat Pita.

I hope you would like to sight the Brahma Temple.

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