Vaishno Devi: The Most Pious place in India

Vaishno Devi is among the holiest shrine of Hindu religion in India and is the dwelling place of Goddess Shakti. At a height of 5200 ft above sea level, it is situated on the mighty Trikuta mountain of the Shivalik range and is counted as one of the Shaktipeeths of Goddess Durga.

The site is situated inside a cave in a hill. This cave temple is at a distance of 61 kms from Jammu and yatris have to be negotiated the last 13 kms of the way on foot. Once at the entrance to the cave, the path with a cold stream named the Charan Ganga, turns into a narrow tunnel and running through it. To reach the sanctum sanctorum, the pilgrim has to wade through this. In the cave there are images of three deities viz. the Mahalakshmi, Mahakali and Mahasaraswati.

This holy shrine of Mata Rani is famous for the three sacred stones that are worship as Mahakali, Mahalaxmi and Mahasaraswati, the sacred cave of Mata Rani is just one and a half meter high and is 30 m long. Many interesting stories are related to this pious place. I believed that it is the place where Maa Vaishno Devi merged her human form with the astral form of her creators, the three Supreme Energies, God Brahma , Vishnu and Mahesh.

Every year thousands of pilgrims go there to seek blessing from Mata Rani. No particular season is there to visit Vaishno Devi. But you can avoid winter season.

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