Old Delhi – A Foodie’s Delight

Just the mention of Old Delhi or Purani Dilli is enough to make anyone’s mouth water; the delectable taste of the wide varieties of dishes available here is unmatched throughout the country. People, both Indians and foreigners, flock the walled city just to taste some of the most exquisite food available on the platter. You can choose from a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian items, as well as the diverse street-food on offer. Most of the joints have been in existence for almost a century, with one of them already having crossed 220 years of operations.

The scrumptious food joints include the world famous Ghantewala and Paranthewali Gali, the lane offering all sorts of paranthas. While Karim and Moti Mahal provide the best non-vegeterian and vegetarian foods, respectively, Chatwallah and Chainaraam offer the palatable street-food and sweets that Purani Dilli is renowned for. The Kachauris, served with Bedmi, are exclusive to this area and the Kulfi-Faluda of Gianiji is incomparable. Jalebivala, who only offers Samosas and Jalebis, is a much sought-after name among the foodies.

Earlier, getting to Old Delhi was a bit of a hassle, due to the traffic congestions, but now, with the Delhi Metro Rails halting at the Chandni Chowk station from all sections of the walled city and surrounding areas, getting to the area is not a problem. With the stupendous number of dishes on offer, no foodie can resist coming to these lanes of the national capital of India.

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